THe Sierra Club isn't going to stop

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    THe Sierra Club isn\'t going to stop

    So many of us don't seem to worry about the Sierra Club, they arent going to stop with just one group. We need to band together as one voice and be heard as recreationalists of all kinds.

    New York Times, Sunday, April 23, 2000

    In a move that shocked the Hawaii tourist industry and caused jitters among
    tourist officials on the mainland, the Sierra Club has sued the Hawaii
    Tourism Authority in the Hawaii Supreme Court. The suit, filed January 11,
    seeks to force the state agency to perform a statewide environmental

    assessment, which it claims is required by law, before allocating $114
    million to the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau for marketing and

    If the suit is upheld, it could have major implications for Hawaii, where
    tourism is the major industry.

    "Seven million tourists descend on Hawaii each year, drinking our water,
    using our electricity, generating sewage and garbage, and filling our
    beaches," said Jeff Mikulina, the director of the Sierra Club's Hawaii
    chapter. "An environmental assessment would tell us whether Hawaii's
    physical and natural infrastructure can handle more tourists."

    Though Sierra Club officials said they were not contemplating other such
    suits, tourism officials elsewhere are worried. "If the State of Hawaii
    loses this lawsuit," said Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt of Nevada, the chairwoman of
    that state's tourism commission, "it could set a precedent for blocking other
    states, such as Nevada, as well as county and local entities from promoting

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>

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