The TBI saga continues

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Wingnutt, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Got the TV cable on and the TPS adjusted, and of course here come the qusetions.

    First thing, the TV cable. After I installed the new one, I adjusted it per the instructions but the tranny shifts at about 3600rpm at WOT. I will read adjust it tomorrow, but I need to know how to raise the shift point. After the adjusting button is pressed in and the adjusting slider is pushed back and the button released, the instructions (and the manual) say to fully open the throttle. This is what I did and the shift points are to low. IMO it should shift at at least 4500rpm at WOT. Now if I open the throttle to say 95% will this raise the shift point?

    Secondly, I am getting a lot of hesitation when the throttle is opened quickly from an idle, any ideas? It is acting like the timing isn't advancing quick enough, but doesn't the computer handle the timing advance?

    I appreciate any and all ideas and will try to get thru to Holley tech support tomorrow. TIA

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