The WTF File - 03/15 - Poopoo for you!!!

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    LEXINGTON, Ky. - [size=-1]A harassment complaint has been filed with police after an aide found fecal matter in an envelope addressed to the vice mayor. [/size]

    [size=-1]The envelope was one of two that contained harassing materials, according to a report filed Friday with Lexington police. The envelopes also contained a letter from someone complaining about the city's ban on smoking in enclosed public places.

    Lexington police declined to comment about the contents of the letter, but Lt. James Curless said officers are investigating. Curless said police think both envelopes were sent by the same person.

    The harassing letter — which had no return address — was discovered Friday by Lena Campbell, an aide who opens all of Vice Mayor Mike Scanlon's mail.

    Council members routinely receive phone calls, letters, e-mails and faxes from Lexington residents upset about an issue or the way someone voted, but this communication crossed the line, Scanlon said.

    "An angry letter is not that big a surprise," he said. "This was just a very, very sick person."

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    At least she didn't mistake it for a Baby Ruth.

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