The WTF File - 04/21 - The customer is always right......or else!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Can Can, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
    RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) - A woman apparently dissatisfied with a haircut robbed a hair salon at gunpoint, shot at her stylist's car, then used part of the money to pay for a trim at another shop, police said.

    Julie Anderson, 48, was booked for investigation of first-degree robbery and second-degree malicious mischief. Employees told police the woman showed up Wednesday at Stage 1, a salon she had patronized for years, and asked to speak with her regular stylist, who was not in, police Capt. Mike Cobb said.

    The woman waited in the parking lot and pulled a gun on the stylist when she arrived. She then walked back into the salon and demanded $100.

    Employees gave her the money, then locked the door after she left and called police.

    The woman got into her car and started to drive away but stopped, got out and fired at least one round into the back window of the stylist's car, Cobb said. She then threw the gun through the shattered glass and fled, he said.

    She was arrested about 45 minutes later as she left another hair salon nearby.

    The woman paid with a $20 bill, apparently from Stage 1, and then walked out to her car, where she was arrested, Cobb said. The woman told stylists she had received a bad hair cut some time ago.

    "She said she was a dissatisfied customer," Cobb said.

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    i would do that if they messed up my hair!
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    you know what they say.....

    "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!"

    (translation--dont F*** with my hairdo!!)

    I dont know why women are so anal about their hair anyway!--even my 77 year old mother whined all week to go to the hairdresser--brought her there last night--so what's she do today?--a HOME PERMANENT! :screwy: :screwy: :surepal: :surepal: ---man I HATE the smell of that stuff--its a cross between masingill douche and a bottle of sour vinegar,with a burnt cabbage thrown in...I'd rather snort burning tires than smell that stuff--rotting flesh smells better.... :crazy:

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