They couldn't just screw up one country, MLB news

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    They couldn\'t just screw up one country, MLB news

    So how are they gonna f*** up down under?
    SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Baseball officials in Australia said Sunday they are working with Major League Baseball to resurrect domestic competition in the country by 2004.

    ``Right now it's in the research and development stage, but I'm confident with the momentum we have we'll see it coming . . . by 2004,'' said Tom Nicholson of the Australian Baseball Federation.

    The Australian Baseball League, owned by former Milwaukee Brewers catcher Dave Nilsson, an Australia native, collapsed last year. The new competition would be underwritten by Major League Baseball, said Nicholson, who added that Nilsson could have a role in the new league.

    ``David has a tremendous amount of knowledge we hope can be utilized,'' Nicholson said. ``He would have an important role as technical adviser.''

    There are 72 Australians playing professional baseball in the United States this season, either in the majors or in minor leagues.

    Left-hander Damian Moss is 10-5 with the Atlanta Braves and is among eight Aussies who have played in the majors this season.

    The others are Graeme Lloyd (Florida), Luke Prokopec (Toronto), Jeff Williams (Los Angeles), John Stephens (Baltimore), Grant Balfour and Brad Thomas (Minnesota) and Chris Snelling (Seattle).

    09/14/02 17:57 EDT
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    Re: They couldn\'t just screw up one country, MLB news

    MLB..........America's past time! Get rid of the teams in Canada! Keep the teams in the USA! /forums/images/icons/grin.gif

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