This b*tch is back in the news.

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    Sorry for beating a dead horse but:

    Kenney a no-show for Oprah show

    By By SALLY SPAULDING and EMILY MORRIS The Daily Sentinel

    Wednesday, February 23, 2005

    Talk show host Oprah Winfrey welcomed three Grand Junction residents to her show Tuesday to discuss pathological liars who confess to their tales.

    The topic of conversation was Clifton woman Sarah Kenney, who lied about her husband being killed in crossfire in Iraq and convinced local media and a soldiers’ aid organization of the elaborate story.

    Kenney was not a guest at Tuesday’s taping in Chicago, although she had previously agreed to be there, Harpo Productions officials said.

    Kenney told Harpo Productions, the Oprah Winfrey Show’s production company, she had to cancel because of a funeral.

    Kenney first spun her web of lies last summer to KMOZ dee-jays Robert St. John and Libby Jackson, telling the two that her husband was in Iraq and that she was in basic training in Texas. She also went by a different first name, Amber.

    In February Kenney called the dee-jays to tell them that her husband had died taking a bullet for a young Iraqi child, adding that she was pregnant.

    In reality, Kenney and her husband, who is not in the military, were in Clifton.

    Kenney said she told the story for a friend, but reporters could not find the friend and Kenney said she lost contact with her.

    Kenney admitted to Daily Sentinel reporters that she had problems with honesty and needed help. Her grandmother said she has tried to get Kenney treatment in the past, but she convinced all counselors that she was fine. The two dee-jays were guests at Tuesday’s taping in Chicago to discuss their experience with Kenney and her lies.

    Also in attendance was Homefront Heroes president Phyllis Derby, whom Kenney persuaded to issue a press release and collect donations on behalf of her fictional fallen husband in early February. Kenney told Derby that she suffered a miscarriage after the news. Derby declined to elaborate on the taping experience Tuesday.

    “We’re not at liberty to talk about the show yet,” Derby said. “If we say anything about the show, they won’t air it.”

    Officials at Harpo Productions said they were not sure what day the show would air, but hoped to announce an exact date by mid-March.

    A fund was set up by Homefront Heroes to benefit Kenney, but it only had $26 when the deception was discovered and it was returned.

    The strong community reaction prompted District Attorney Pete Hautzinger to investigate the possibility that Kenney had committed a crime.

    At least the DA is looking at her, she needs some consequences.
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    Oh No!! Did her husband die AGAIN??

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