This election makes me sick

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    Jul 3, 2000
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    My remarks on this election are as follows:
    Gore, You whiney little bastard.. you lost. Not once, but twice in the Recount. Florida came out in Bush's favor not ONCE.. BUT TWICE !!! You lost.
    Concede and move on. Your Daddy will forgive you since you lost.
    Florida and all it's Al Bore or um.. I mean Gore supporters. It's obvious to me you are uneducated, iliterate morons who should be banned from voting. Did you happen to look over your ballot before voting? Or were you just "punch" happy about getting Gore elected? Well once again "HE LOST!!!"
    George Bush is are next President.. plain and simple.
    Hold another election.. You moron's kill me.
    You don't have a snowballs chance in Hell with Gore winning.
    Let's just hope the past holds true on the absentee ballots and the Military stay's true and votes Republican.

    It's better to have it than to need it, than to need it and not have it !!!!

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