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    Joe was sitting as usual, his back
    leaning against the wall of
    his friend Pete's shack. Then Pete
    came out of the shack with a butterfly
    in his hand. "Hey Pete," Joe called,
    "where are you going with the butterfly?"
    "I'm going to get some butter."
    "You're an idiot," Joe scoffed.
    "Butter doesn't come from butterflies."
    But a few minutes later, to Joe's
    astonishment, Pete returned with a pot
    of butter. The next day, Pete hurried
    out with a jar of horseflies.
    "Where are you going?" Joe asked.
    "To get horses," Pete said.
    Joe couldn't stop laughing
    until Pete came back an hour
    later leading two beautiful stallions.
    The next day, Joe saw Pete walking
    out of his shack carrying
    a handful of weeds. "What?s that?"
    he called out. "Pussy willow," Pete
    answered. "Hold on!" Joe roared, leaping
    to his feet. "I'm coming with you!"

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