tie rod replacement?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 4wood, Feb 8, 2004.

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    After a little debacle in Alabama that saw my K5 on its side, the mechanic tells me that I need new ball joints, a new tie rod, and a new pittman arm. I told him that I wanted to upgrade to a rockstomper tie rod and he told me that he uses a brand of parts called Brute Force. So, the questions this go-round are:

    1. Anyone ever hear of Brute Force? Is it good stuff?
    2. Anyone have a strong preference of tie rods Rockstomper vs. Sky vs. MOO?
    3. Is it an easy install that I can have the mechanic do without having to deal with new knuckles or any kind of flip kit or anything?
    4. I’m going to put 4” Tuff Country springs on her so if I do a tie rod upgrade will I run into any trouble with an accommodating draglink or crossover steering?
    5. Should I consider any kind of special ball joint upgrade while all this is going on? www.ok4wd.com has a poly flex joint kit that seems like it’s maybe a good deal?

    It’s a 1987 K5 with 10 bolts axles. 305/700 R4/208.
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    1. It's doubtful that a mechanic will use any parts other than ones he buys. This is because he wants to make money on both the parts and labor. Brute Force is just some name he made up to try to sell you this idea.

    2. For a 10 bolt it doesn't matter who's tie rod you get. Don't go crazy on strength. All are compeditive. I'm going to order mine from whoever I happen to be getting one from at the moment. Only reason I didn't get one from Sky when I ordered my crossover steering is that all he had was 1 1/4" .250 wall DOM and I wanted something tougher.

    The new tie rod will go right in the place of the old one without issues.

    Tie rod has nothing to do with the drag link and it'll be good to have an upgraded tie rod so you don't have to upgrade later.

    I would insist on Moog or Dana Spicer chassis parts only.
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    Brute Force u-joints are some of my favorites..they are sold at Autozone. They hold up well, have a good warranty and are non-greasable.

    When doing an aftermarket tierod...think about how you are going to mount your steering stabilizer. Most aftermarket do not have the required hole, so you will need to get some sort of clamp kit. Unless you get a tierod short enough to use the stock ends.

    If you want to go crossover, get a set of flattops machined, so you can put the new ball joints in them and not the knuckles you will be getting rid of. Saves some time only having the knuckles off once.

    Autozone ball joints/ends are made by Dana Spicer and Napa uses Moog.

    What is wrong with your pitman ? bent ? I've never seen a stock truck bend a pitman, but there is a first time for everything.

    Your springs will work fine with your plans.


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