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    Well last Saturday I got invited to a ride in Tiftonia TN. Some people call it Mt. Aetna as well. The trails are too numerous to list, there is enough trails to keep you riding for a whole weekend non stop. Well if you dont break anything and or have to fix any problems. We did not even go to the super nasty stuff, and I am here to say that TIFTONIA is NASTY!

    If you are afraid of body damage and or parts breakage, you might not want to check this place out. Even the bypasses are Nasty, some a K-5 wont fit through. All the trails are Power line access and have been available to legally wheel for years. I have never seen such steep hills and just plain NASTY terrain. One hill we climbed, a fellow wheeler alomst rolled his XJ. It is a very well set up rig and can and will wheel with the best of them. To underscore how nasty this particular hill was there were 3 different trashed hard tops and 2 windsheilds there from vehicles that had rolled. On another trail there was a crushed and burned Toyota P.U.

    To my dismay I destroyed my brand new Tom Woods Rear shaft. Well, it let me wheel the rest of the day anyhow, but was very wobbled and candystriped. Cant beleive it did not twist in hald with the damage done to it. Never fear though, I bought his trail hazzard warranty and it will be fixed for the cost of shipping!

    Also blew a head gasket on the way home, so I am in the process of putting on some rebuilt heads (and a R/V cam and Edelbrock Performer Intake) Got everything off and the new cam and lifters installed. Whew good thing to, the damn timing chain was at that slip a tooth stage.

    I went alone (as in no co -pilot) so I did not get any pictures, the guy who was leading us did take some video, I have to send him a tape so he can make me a copy.

    Just thought you might want to know there is another very good wheeling spot in the southeast.


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