time to replace electric choke ?

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    '85 K5, 350 CID, 5.7L, Rochester E4ME carb:

    I constantly have to "kick off the choke" at each red light, or anytime after I've accelerated. I've spray-cleaned and lubed very well the throttle linkage, so I'm ruling out the possibility of a sticky throttle.

    It doesn't seem to be a "cold/hot" issue; when the engine's warm, it runs smooth (once I kick off the choke)...

    It seems like the electric choke needs to be replaced ? Is there a diagnostic test I can do to narrow down the problem ? Does this seem like the possible solution ?

    I can't think of anymore details to supply, so please help me out !

    Thanks !

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    Your electric choke works by providing 12 volts to the choke when the key is 'on'. If you don't have 12 volts going to the choke it will stay on.
    Have you tried to adjust the choke? There should be 3 screws or rivets holding the choke housing. If you have the screws loosen them (engine dead cold) and rotate the housing so the choke plate just starts to open and then back it off a little. If you have the rivets you'll have to drill them out and install 3 new rivets (pop rivets) other than that the same procedure as with the screws.
    I have also had a problem with a weak thottle return spring causing a high idle that had to be 'kicked down' at every light, have you checked this?

    Hope that helps


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    If it's a high idle that is your problem, a sticky throttle cable can cause this also. When it is doing it, before you "kick it down", pull of the air cleaner, and see if the choke is all the way open. If it is, that is not your problem. Then check to see if the throttle is all the way closed - just pull back on it and see if it moves, and lowers your idle.


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