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    ok I have an 8 inch super lift, and on the rear i was wondering if i took out, the two bottom layers of the leaf, and put in the bottom piece from a stock blazer leaf spring (you know that flat one on the bottom of stock springs) and put a two inch block on there would it still be safe and strong, also would it make a difference in flex,
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    Well mixing and matching is a trial an error thing. From a safty stand point you should be fine.
    A good many of use either the shackle flip along or with a short block and STOCK springs. This route is good for 4 inches of lift on the stock spring then add a block of the approprate hight to get the rest of your lift. Also changing the shackle arrangement effectivly ruduces the spring rate giving a softer ride and more flex.
    The haigher a lift spring the more the arch and typically the stiffer. The flatter the spring is the more travel it is capable of.
    That's why you will find that many of use stay at a 4-6 inch lift and sometimes a 1-2 inch body lift then cut the fenders back to get the rest of the clearence we need.

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