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    Marijuana Package Mailed Without Address
    By The Associated Press

    3 hours ago

    MILL VALLEY, Calif. - A man who allegedly mailed a half-pound of marijuana without an address label on the package was arrested after authorities returned it to its sender.

    Steven Coburn, 48, of Mill Valley was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of drug possession for sale and investigators found another 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana worth $10,000 at his home behind Tamalpais High School, said Det. Matt Lethin of the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force.

    The private Corte Madera shipping company where Coburn tried to mail the package on Feb. 16 followed company protocol by opening the package to see whether the label was accidentally sealed inside, Lethin said.

    "Once they opened it up and saw what was inside, they immediately called law enforcement," Lethin said.

    Investigators said they are not sure whether Coburn forgot to affix the address label or it fell off, but it had a return address on it that led to Coburn.

    He was booked into Marin County Jail and posted bail. A court date was set for March 8.

    Police: Homeless Man Tries to Steal Sheep
    By Associated Press

    Wed Feb 22, 6:29 PM

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A homeless man who police say tried to take a sheep from the Little Rock Zoo has been arrested on numerous charges. A security guard at the zoo called police Tuesday evening after spotting a man carrying a trash can with a sheep in it, a police report said.

    When officers arrived Grady Allen Carnahan, 32, told them he was a doctor and the sheep was sick. He said he was taking the animal to a veterinary clinic, the report said.

    Carnahan fought with officers as they were trying to take him into custody, police said.

    He was arrested on a felony charge of violating an animal facility and on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass, cruelty to animals, resisting arrest, and theft of property.

    The animal was returned to its pen at the zoo.

    Microwaved Penis Turns Out to Be Fake
    By JOE MANDAK, Associated Press Writer

    50 minutes ago

    PITTSBURGH - A woman trying to cheat on a drug test was behind a bizarre incident in which a frightened convenience store clerk thought she had microwaved a severed penis, police said.

    The clerk at the store outside Pittsburgh actually microwaved a prosthetic device used to cheat on drug tests, police said Friday.

    The incident unfolded late Thursday afternoon when a man and a woman entered the store and the man asked the clerk, "Can you microwave something for me? It's a life-or-death situation," police said.

    The man asked for paper towels, wrapped an object in them, and had the clerk microwave the item for 20 seconds, said McKeesport police Chief Joseph Pero.

    When it was finished, the clerk handed the item back to the man and saw what she thought was a severed penis, Pero said.

    After news reports Friday, a woman called police to say she was with the man in the store and explained what really happened, Pero said.

    The woman told police she was applying for a job and was required to take a drug test. She said the man had filled the device with his urine, which she planned to submit for the test, Pero said.

    The couple stopped to warm the device in the microwave so the urine would "pass the body temperature test," Pero said _ that is, be warm enough to not arouse the suspicion of those administering the test.

    Pero said police weren't sure why the woman was storing the urine in a device mimicking male genitalia.

    The woman wasn't applying for a job at the convenience store, but Pero said he didn't know anything else about the job.

    Pero wouldn't release the names of the man or woman. Charges, including harassment and disorderly conduct, were possible, he said.

    The clerk at the Giant Eagle Get Go! is "still visibly shaking," Pero said Friday.

    A clerk at the store Friday referred all questions to Giant Eagle corporate headquarters. An official there declined comment.
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    That clerk needs to get some balls and grab hold of the situation.
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    Dallas Baby!!!!
    Lol Grab hold....severed
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    dearborn heights, Michigan
    and we walk around with these peeps everyday. HA HA
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    Lubbock, Texas
    We had a guy here in town go into a Subway order a sandwich and pay. On one of the bills he paid with he wrote "give me all your money" The clerk told him get the **** out and that he was calling the cops. So the guy sat down and proceded to eat his sandwich until the cops showed up. He then questioned how they knew to arrest him.

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