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    Jul 15, 2001
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    Okay the top 4x4 sent me another email- here's the reply from my email questioning the out number the taco's have--- he hit the nail right on the head with a few remarks- REMEMBER WE DONT WANT THIS GUY TO PULL HIS SIGHT- any and all things Steve has received from us being #1 for so long, we need to remember---

    Hope this clears it up a little. I do wish that both sites would stop talking about cheating (K5 is much better, but you've had your weak moments too) All it's doing is pissing off people on the other sites, and unfortunately a nice little flame war is starting between you and the tacos. They're much more vocal about it than your folks, but you've got a few hot heads that go over there and start trouble too.

    Stirring up bad feelings was certainly not why I started this site, so hopefully people will calm down about it a little and go about their wheeling. It's not like you win a prize or anything! It's just a game.

    Take care.

    that's it guys- i'm done emailing- any thing else I happen to get I'll pass on, but he summed it up pretty good!


    LOVING the new Duramax!!!
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    Jun 9, 2001
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    Allenton, MI
    I couldnt put it better myself!!

    RELAX about the voting. There are better things to post about.

    My 2nd and last post about the voting.

    Ken H.

    '86 K5 up and coming
    14 bolt(Detroited),10 bolt,39.5 Boggers rear,
    TSLs front, 468 BBC, 350 trans, 205 transfer
    Rust free in Michigan!
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    Okay kids...we don't NEED any CHEATERS. The reason we want to be number one is as a courtesy to this sites owner for all the good usage we get from this site. Better ratings equals better advertising revenue...equals a stronger site with more content. Everybody wins. Anybody caught cheating on the vote deal will hear a knock on their door...wherupon I will PERSONALLY drop an angry WOLVERINE down their underwear!!! LOL!!

    9/11/01..Never forget...Never forgive

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