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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Cmoe, Feb 8, 2001.

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    Stephen I have a T-350 ( rebuilt in the past year) and I am eather going to look for an 700R to put in or just get another Torq Converter. Any suggestions? I have 35" and 4:56 gears, most of the time I use mine to haul a Boat or Bikes to shows. If a Torq converter, what rate and what about locking converters?


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    For your use, I would consider the TH700. with 4.56's and 35's you are wrapped pretty tight going down the road. If you could get a 10% increase in milage (not much for adding an overdrive) you'll pay for the extra price of the trans in gas alone in a few years. Much less wear on the motor, and having to listen to the thing wrapped up to 3K rpm to go down the highway.

    I tend to rely on torque converter builders for the specs on them. Just a rough guess, go for a medium low stall, probably around 1800 rpm. With the th700 you could get the lock up or not, for you the lockup might be nice, it drops the cruise rpm a little more.
    With a th350 you have to have a lockup trans to run the converter, so that's out for the 3 speed.
    even with pretty light towing, you might consider an extra power 4th gear servo to help it tow in 4th gear. This was previously a no-no, but with a better servo it works well.
    We deal a lot with Art Carr, so that's the shop I'd recommend for a "mail order" trans. If you have a good local shop that will work too.

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