Total cost of 205 Changeover??

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Boss, Jul 18, 2001.

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    I currently have a 205 from a 79' that was mated to a SM465 (10spline obviously). I know I will have to change it over to the 32 spline to accept the Gen II Doubler. I remember reading you sell the the complete change over kit including rebuild kit for $190. and I think I remember reading that you offer a 205 housing that already has the the hole enlarged to accept the 32spline shaft. Do you just charge a deposit for that housing and refund when we ship our old 205 housing to you? I'm just trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to change my current 205 over or just find a th400 version 205. Thanks for any input.

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    OK, stuff you need is:
    new input gear and bearing: $140 + $30 = $170
    Possibly a gasket and seal kit: $25 (or close to it)
    Possibly a rebuild kit? $190, and includes the input bearing

    Bore the 205 case. A local shop may be able to do that for you, typically they'll charge between $50 and $100. If they want more than that, go somewhere else, it's not that complicated of a job.
    We charge $90 and throw in the seal and gasket set.
    There are a couple of ways of doing an exchange, the easiest way is to wait till we have your case, then send you a bored out case in exchange. That way we don't have to do a core charge, and you don't have to wait for us to work your case into a batch to be bored out. We try to keep a few bored out cases in stock so we can send them out when we need to.
    Otherwise, we can send you a case and do a core charge, or you can get your case back but will have to wait for it to be run in a batch, which could take a while.

    Anyway, overall cost should come to around $300 to convert it, assuming you don't find any surprises in the 205.
    About the only thing to think about replacing would be the front output shaft, you should have a 30 spline, if you have the 10 spline, you may consider upgrading. If you want the yoke options of the 32 spline front output shaft, you can go to that when you re-assemble the case. We have the front outputs for $110.00.

    Hope this helps

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