Tow rig?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dontoe, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Not a quote, but a comment...
    Those red 4-wheel E-carts haul azz! We have a customer that comes once a week or so with one - we actually had to have a manager ask him to slow down a bit one time, because he was endangering other customers!

    That gray hatchback car above the lady's head? That's a Renault Clio - the car I had when I was in Italy. 1.8L turbodiesel; pretty nice for an econobox. I'd take one here if they were sold here...
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    all quotes are not mine, rather stolen from another site
    "If you pass gas again you aren't getting a gummer tonight."
    "i just KNEW i should have bought the lawnmower attachment instead.."
    "gary scores a hot date"
    "I KNEW I shoulda got the quik-disconnect hitch!"
    " Got to get her home quick, before the meds wear off or the home notices she is missing!"
    "unbeknownst to bob, he had a new stalker, and she was close."
    "I wonder if we would get anywhere if we were on a conveyor belt?"
    "If you can read this t-shirt, the old bitch finally died"
    "edna tags along in the search for bob's missing pants"
    " Taxi strike in Florida doesn't seem to be affecting the elderly"
    "Edna tells Bob to punch it Nude Twister can't start at the home until she gets there with the mat."
    "If you can drive, push, or drag it in, we'll give you $1000 toward the purchase of any new car."
    "After 85 years of marriage, Bob is still dragging the old ball and chain around."
    "Dammit Bob put your ****in blinker on and drive in the left lane so we can piss people off."
    "Where's the rest of the picture?

    I mean seriously, shouldn't there be another wagon behind her with her titties in it?"
    "I swore I'd get out of the pimpin business years ago, now I have to haul the ho's ass around between gigs."

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