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    Ok, Long story short, my k5 lost all it's l lug nuts, sheared off 3 studs on the front right wheel, and wound up sitting at my wifes school long enough to get towed. Well, I finally got it back today, and the towing company had winched onto there flatbed, onloaded it at there site, loaded it back up, and dropped it off at my house, all on the brake rotor. I can see the brake rotor is warped, so my questions are.

    1. What else could have been damaged (or what else could I blame on them?)

    2. How much would it cost to fix all this?

    3. Are towing companies bonded, insured, etc?

    4. what should I do to get my damages paid for.

    And, the jerks stole the jack stands it was sitting on!
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    Good luck trying to pin the damage on the towing company...they're gonna say all the 'rotor damage' was caused when your lug nuts sheared and broke.

    They have to be insured and all that, but that is mostly if they have a wreck while towing your vehicle...

    No idea what else could have been damaged though. A new rotor and 6 new studs should get you most of the way there though.

    I'd call them and ask for your jack stands...don't be surprised if they say "What jack stands?" though. If you weren't there when it was towed you can't prove they took em. They may have left them and someone else took em.


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