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    I know that a number of people here are considering swapping a TPI system into their rig, so I though I would let everyone know that Chevy High Performance magazine has the 1st installment of a 2-part article on doing this. It isn't the best write-up I've ever seen, but has some real good info in it.

    BTW, I'm talking about the January 2002 edition that hasn't hit the newsstands yet. I've found that they are usually available around the 17th of each month.

    There's also a pretty cool article in there for anyone who has a 5.3 liter in a late-model Silverado. Magnusson supercharger and a few other mods get the 2wd Silverado down to a 12.93 quarter-mile time. Gotta hurry and finish my Suburban so I can play with the Silverado now. [​IMG]


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