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    I have a an 85 blazer with stock suspension and 32" sportkings. I don't do any serious rock climbing, mostly mud and back pasture trails to get to those great hunting spots. I was wondering if traction bars would do much for me, or if they would just be a waste of money. If they would give me a decent amount of extra traction, how much would they limit flex? and what would be a good brand to try?

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    If you aren't spinning the tires, I don't think they will help at all. AFAIK, they are there on leaf spring vehicles to try and stop "spring wrap" or "axle wrap" which happens with leaf springs. But unless you are giving it so much power that the axle is breaking traction, BECAUSE the springs "twists up" so much that the tire(s) are bouncing off the driving surface, they won't do you any good. I experienced this trying to merge with the 454 in my dads truck..gave it lots of gas, but the tire would lose traction and gain it as the spring "wound up" and then "uncoiled", for a nice shaking motion.

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