trade '59 rag bug for tow vehicle

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by 73k5tony510, Dec 11, 2002.

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    trade \'59 rag bug for tow vehicle

    Posting for a friend.

    Need a tow vehicle for mad max and a 97 TJ. I would love to have a truck 3/4 ton or bigger long bed with 4 doors...but im open to anything that can get my junk to the trails..if you are interesting and the values are lopsided i can add $$$

    roof rack
    empi rims w newer tires
    newer interior
    newer engine (1600 duel carb)
    newer rag with spare
    spare parts -=> flawless chrom bumpers, perfect black batman steering wheel...

    front hood needs work or to be replaced.
    there was a square shaped hole cut under the passenger seat, that the previous owner didnt tell me about (dick) its prob 1' square.

    bug has been sitting at my house going on years now (started occasionaly)...the carbs need to be synced.


    interior shots

    please feel free to email me or pm me with any questions..


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