trade: my MT for your AT

Discussion in 'Tires | Wheels' started by Gorillajeep, May 3, 2007.

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    These are the old school BFG MT (not KM) they are like new. I am never going to wheel the Blazer they are on. I just really hate burning up a perfectally good set of MT's on a truck that is a pavemant pounder! That have alot (90% I guess) of tread left and are currently mounted on Wheels that I am NOT including. Again they are 33x12.5x15 BGF MT's (not KM) I would like to find the same size in an AT, perferable BFG but does not have to be. I will sell straight out for $500.00 just the tires, but would prefer to trade.
    I will post close up pic's tomarrow. Here they are on the K-5. My e-mail is

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