Trade truggy for conversion parts

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by NateInChandler, May 3, 2007.

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    Hey guys, along with all the chevy parts i have for sale im considering trading the truggy for some jeep/v8 conversion parts... heres what i need

    Motor mounts to put v8 in cj7
    misc clutch parts and adapter fork
    and some shorty corvette headers
    this is all from advanced adapters..

    Ive added up what it would cost me to do it and its around 600 or so... If someone wants to buy me all these parts i will give them the truggy less the motor... Slap a motor in it and go wheeling, or part it out and make back twice as much as you put into it... I hate to admit it but i have the jeep bug and i have a feeling that im not gonna be in this house for long, which is why im selling all my parts and stuff off, gonna hafta get rid of the truggy anyways so i figure if i can get the v-8 swapped into the jeep ill be a happy camper... call me or pm me at 480-209-2949..

    BTW, im still here, just been working a lot of overtime and stuff trying to catch up on bills.... thanks guys.. nate

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