Trail accident, 1 dead, 1 maybe

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    Hope this wasn't anybody here's friends. My prayers to the families.

    Jeep accident claims life of one man; another seriously injured
    By Karen Iwamoto, The Daily Times
    Aug 24, 2005, 10:43 pm

    Capt. Vince Lawing, of the Farmington Fire Department, rappels down to the site of an off-road vehicle crash in preparation for recovery of the body of a man killed in the wreck Tuesday afternoon in Chokecherry Canyon. Dave Watson/The Daily Times
    CHOKECHERRY CAN-YON— A 45-year-old man is dead and his 42-year-old passenger was clinging to life Tuesday evening after the Jeep they were in flipped and rolled over a steep dropoff at this canyon north of Farmington, according to authorities at the scene.
    John Dodd, of the Bloomfield/Blanco area, and D.J. Palmer, of Farmington, were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident but were thrown from the vehicle, said Sgt. Lisa Haws of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.
    “These rock-climbing Jeeps are built to be pretty durable, but with something this bad, it doesn’t really matter,” she added.
    She described Palmer’s injuries as “life-threatening.”
    “He has major injuries to his head, neck, back, arms and legs,” she said. “From the time we got here until the time he was air-lifted out, he never regained consciousness.”
    Dodd was pronounced dead at the scene.
    Max Macpherson, a supervisor for San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Ambulance Service, said Palmer was flown to San Juan Regional Medical Center, the hospital nearest the scene of the accident.
    Macphereson and his crew remained at the scene for more than an hour, administering aid to Palmer and working to get him onto a medical helicopter.
    “It was a very difficult extraction,” he said. “The extreme roughness of the terrain made it very difficult to extract the patient.”
    Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters from Farmington Fire Station and the LaPlata Volunteer Fire Station remained at the scene even longer as they worked to recover Dodd’s body.
    The men had been driving near the edge of a rock formation known to area residents as “The Intimidator,” when their vehicle flipped and dropped approximately 25 vertical feet into some rocks and shrubs, Haws said.
    There are no paved or even dirt roads on “The Intimidator.”
    The area is a popular spot for rock-crawlers, dirt-bike riders and ATV riders.
    “Just a few months ago, we had a pretty serious accident out here,” Haws said. “Only that one involved three women on an ATV. They all survived.”
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    some guy was run over on Fordyce by his own rig. Story is on Pirate somewhere. They said his friends came back to get the rig, drinking and hooting and hollering.

    hate to hear of bad stuff happening, but its a risk we all take at one time or another.
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    Was it the only vehicle ? I can't fathom wheelin' without another vehicle along .
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    I just hope they didn't leave wives and kids behind. Hard enough on parents, siblings, and friends..........
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    it is the risk we all run. some do it smarter than others. there are so many factors in things like this that i dont think we could ever know for sure the whole story

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