trannie output shaft swap

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    i have a 2wd trannie in good shape and i want to use it one of my 4x4s. can i simply dissasseble the 2wd and install my 4x output shaft and reassemble? will i have to get any new seals or gaskets. i already have my 4wd trannie tore apart. only gaskets i can think of are the one for the front pump and a new pan gasket. oh, and can you RVT the pan back on?

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    Although I have NEVER done it personally, I believe that is all you need to do. What type of tranny is it. I know that depending on type of tranny and what t-case you are going to mate it too, there are different 4 wheel drive shafts to use. Example is the 700r4. There is a difference in the length of shaft used to mate it to a 205 and the shaft used to mate it to the 203. Just an FYI.

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