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    Aug 10, 2002
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    i have a 1985 K5 blazer
    motor 350,elderbrook intake,Quadrajunk 4 barrel, flowmaster headers, gotta save some $ for dual exuast,
    Goodyear Workhorse 10.5x31x15 saving for bigger 1's
    trans 700r4 with a 208 transfur case
    im looking for info
    on using a 350 or 400 trans,
    i had the 700 rebuilt and it worked fine for 2 weeks
    now it wont go into 3rd gear,
    the guy is redoing the valve body,
    but from what ive read the 350 and 400 trans are much better
    please give feedback,opions,and howto's
    also would my transfur case work on a 350 or 400 tranny?
    is the 208 a good case?
    im very new to 4 wheeling
    and wanting to learn, but gotta have it running first,,
    Thankyou all for your time and help
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    First of all, if your tranny is starting to die after 2 weeks, I would be pointing fingers at the rebuilder and not the tranny itself. 700r4s aren't the toughest tranny, but if you keep them clean and cool, they'll last a long time. And if you spend time on the highway, you'll be sad if you get rid of your OD.

    What gears do you have? Do you drive around town in OD? Have you installed an aftermarket ATF cooler? Before you get ideas about swapping things out(and having to deal with adapting transfer cases, etc), make sure you're doing everything you can to keep your stuff from breaking in the first place.

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