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    Here's what I have.78' K/5 with dana 44 frt w/ full time hubs.I just bought 3/4 ton diffs(frt. w/ warn hubs).The present trans is a Th350 w/ 203 case.I also have a TH400 w/ 208 case.Should I install the TH400 trans with the 208,or install the 208 case on the TH350 trans(will it bolt in?).I know if I keep the 203 case that I won't be able to hook up the frt. driveshaft.The diffs are difinitely going in(with the 56" long springs and shackle flip).I really wanted a TH700 trans...should I just wait and do it once or keep what i have or install the 400 trans and 208 case?I just ordered steel 15" rims to go w/ my 35" tires.Suggestions Please!!!!

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