Transfer case being lowered, 84 K5, Help me out please...

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  1. Ben Malinski

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    This has been covered and I did research but still no answers, so...
    When installing a lift kit, 4 inch, I have read that the original washers/spacers (4 bolts holding the transfer case cover) need to be used on the bottom of the case when installing. I'll try and explain so bare with me...
    Because the clutch has been replaced over the years, of course, some shops never put it back together correctly. The original bolts, washers and nuts have been replaced so I have no idea what size the original spacers were. Reading on this site at times, the advice is, use the spacers that are on top of the frame holding the cross member and install them on the bottom for the lift kit. Having said that, I only used 3/4 inch spacers on each hole for lowering the transfer case. Rancho sells a lowering kit so I just made my own. If I had used the original spacers and the Rancho 3/4 kit, what would have been the total amount the transfer case was lowered?
    I have a wicked vibration coming from the drive shaft when letting my foot off the gas going forward or backwards. I think the problem is the transfer case is lowered incorrectly causing the driveshaft to be at the wrong angle. Too high or too low. So I play around with trying different heights! Hassle!
    Can some of you tell me how much the case should be lowered.
    If I am off a 1/4 or so of an inch, does that cause the vibrations? Clutch is new, fly wheel resurfaced and this problem did not happen before installing the lift kit.
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    It is usually 1" lower with the spacers I just used square tubing I had laying around. Does the driveshaft have any little dents, that will throw it out of balance and the lift will exagerate the vibration. Or you could have the start of a u-joint going bad.
  3. Ben Malinski

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    Okay, 1 inch lower but I still need to know the measurement of the original spacers. Those original spacers are what measurement? 1 inch? 3/4"? Combined with the 1" spacers equals what? The drive shaft is fine, u-joints fine also.
  4. cityfarmer2

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    Hey Ben still fighting the vib huh. Them spacers are exactly 1 inch long the ones that were on top of the cross member are now put between the crossmember and the frame or just go to the metal yard in Pyongtaek and have a plate made they can cut 1 inch thick my about 16 inches long should do it and it will hold up under any abuse we can put it to. You reay to start our 4x4 club yet I'll be ready to rock around the 15th. I'll email you the details.
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    I wouldn't recomend lowering it more than 1". If you do it puts a lot of stress on the motor mounts and moves the dist cap very close to the firewall. W/ a 4" lift you shouldn't have many vibes to start with. Remember as you lessen the rear angle you are also making the front worse. It sounds like you have a problem, ie driveshaft angles, bad u-joint, dented/unballanced driveshaft, ect.

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