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    RE: 1988 K5

    I noticed a puddle of oil underneath my truck, but didn't pay attention to what kind of oil was leaking. I though it was coming from the motor's drain plug, so I had the oil changed and the plug / gasket replaced. I cleaned my garage, and put some cardboard down just in case. Within an hour I had a lot more oil coming out, and it was transmission fluid.

    The oil was dripping right where the front axle bolts up to the transfer case. I can only assume there is a seal back there, and it was leaking into that hub. I pulled the skid plate, and front axle off. I wondering how I get the part off that connects the front axle to the transfer case. There is a big bolt head in the center of it. Do I impact that bolt out, then will it come off? If I do get it off, is the seal visible / can I pull/replace the seal with the transfer case still on the truck.

    Is this a task where I just need to pull the transfer case completely off the truck, and take it into a shop for rebuild? The tarnsfer case hasn't caused me any problems in the past, with the exception of poping out of gear while in 4 high, and going off road. My friend recommended I have the transfer case rebuilt because it has a lot of miles, and we don't know the history of the truck. I'm pretty broke at the moment, but the vehicle is a play vehicle.. so it can sit 4 months if it has to.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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