Transfer case shifter for my 71

Discussion in 'Parts & Trucks Wanted' started by zang101, Jan 21, 2002.

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    Jan 18, 2002
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    I need a tansfer case shifter for a 71 Blazer. The one I have does not clear the doghouse so the previous owner cut the floor. I also need the bushings (for the pivot point ) and any other brackets or hardware used to mount it. Somebody threw one in that doesn't belong and I am not sure what I am supposed to have. The bushings at the pivot point are missing, and there is 2 inches of slop in it in all directions. I would prefer an oem shifter, but would settle for one that fits and works. Also, does anyone know where I can find an original style shifter knob with the shift pattern stenciled on it (transfercase still)? All those that I have seen do not have a stencil.

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