Traveling in a Home-made motorhome

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    That post a while back with that house on wheels made me think about this old travel video made years back in the '70's. These two brothers made a documentary on the Rocky Mountains. In it, they were going to rent a Truck and Camper for their trip spanning from New Mexico to Alaska. But, the deal on the camper didnt work out, so they decided to use the Truck that they already had. It had been strored for a "few" years.

    After getting it started ( pic1 , pic2 , pic3 ), they drove it over to turn it into a motorhome the old fashioned way.

    Construction pics:
    Floor Frame

    Once they had it completed , they left for their trip.

    Stopped at gas station
    On highway

    Throughout the video, they show this thing driving on location everywhere they went. I took a bunch of pictures of it off the video from their trip showing the places they actually took this thing.

    Near the Mexican Border
    Shiprock, NM
    On a bridge
    Somewhere near the Oregon Trail
    Dinner in Montana
    Somewhere in Canada
    Winter in Canada
    and finally to Alaska

    Along their traveling adventure, there are quite a few subtle comedy parts including the motorhome, including the following:

    Digging through old ghost town garbage dumps to find items to make interior Improvements .
    He says in the video "why buy an expensive motorhome when you can build the sucker yourself and save a bundle" as it shows him constructing a table.
    Completed Table

    They also clean the chimney , perform repairs, bake a pie , and make improvements to the exterior of the motorhome.

    When they ran across a sign at a campground saying Camper Vehicles must be Self Contained , they made themselves self contained . The video shows this thing driving through the woods on remote roads and after getting "lost", they come across a railroad track, and decide to use it.

    And here's one of my favorite shots:
    The Motorhome "relieving itself"

    Anyway, sorry for such a long post and so many blue words. I just took alot of pics off the video proving that however they made this video, they actually took this thing around with them everywhere they went.

    All the pics are at:

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