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    Figure I might as well try here, I've got lots of stuff I'd rather get rid of locally if possible!

    Fuel, evap, return lines from '81 K5 frame.

    1980 TH350/205 combo. Ran fine, been sitting for awhile, friend is junking the truck itself. Only want to sell local.

    2 boxes of 8 AC Delco R45TS plugs. Pretty sure these are standard plugs for most of the V8's installed in our trucks. New in the boxes, never installed or used. Definitely not for Vortec heads (whoops:)) $10 for 8, +shipping.

    (stainless?) AIR manifold with hose and working check valve $5

    "GMC" horn button for two spoke steering wheels, such as what would be in a 1983 truck. SMALL cracks at bottom edge, slightly scratched, but still bright. Looks good, but not perfect, will give good service for a long time. $2

    Accel boots for points style cap, with metal crimp on connectors for cap terminals. Brand new. $2

    NOS Silverado 20 Fender Emblems, '81-up or so. Quantity 2. GM PN 14051852 $17 without shipping from GMPD. $15/each + ACTUAL shipping cost from me. (GMPD charges over $5 for shipping) *SOLD*

    1980's Astro TBI throttle cable. Approximately 5.5ft long, stock hole in carb/TBI end for stud/clip connection. Will fit truck pedal/firewall, and connect to a carb, TBI, etc. Perfect for custom applications? $10

    TH400 pan gasket, not cork. $7

    Stock SBC oil pan. 4 qt pan. DS dipstick, with fill plug. Cleaned, painted with semi-flat black POR-15. $15

    1 31 gallon tank. Good shape (no dents or major exterior corrosion) no leaks. TBI tank, has broken interior baffle, can be removed easily. No interior rust. No sender. $5

    10 spline 465 in pieces, complete, (MAYBE missing a couple of the loose roller bearings) $20. Not going to ship that though.

    Stock clutch fan laying around too. Worked fine, went with electric. It's 7 blade. $10.

    Rear 10 bolt parts. Carrier is in (broken) pieces, MAYBE a good 3.42 ring/pinion, but I kind of doubt they are good. Axles should be ok though, probably the only "good" thing left. 28 splines. Local only though, unless you really need them. :) Looks like the pinions and side gears are still useable, pinion gear thrust washers no good.

    10/12 bolt yoke. Allows you to run 12 bolt size u-joint on a 10 bolt axle...that means no adapter u-joint for older driveshaft, with newer axle.

    Misc. wiring harnesses...

    1981-?? Truck AC harness. (Only one cut wire, Large Rd., fusible link lead?? Will research upon request) $5+shipping.

    Power Door Lock (?either that or its for power windows) wiring harness, one side only. Or/Blk/Lt Blue wires. $5+ shipping.

    Early style (approx. '84 and older) non-weather pack K5 tailgate wiring harness, cab side...(plastic blade fuse only) includes power feeds, switch wiring, ends at connectors just through firewall. $10+ shipping.

    Underbody harness for above, minus plugs on one end. $5+ shipping

    Diesel warn light harness?? Power feed, blk and Gray wires, 2 bulbs, one two prong weatherpack connector. Yours for shipping cost.

    Truck fuse panel, '81 up(?) two cut wires, nothing major. Fuse panel labeling in VG shape, column mounted ign. switch included. $50+ shipping

    1988+ headlight harness, single headlight as far as I can tell.

    Anything I haven't explained enough, or where year variation is important (such as fuse panel) please PM me and I'll do my best to figure it out for you. Can take pictures as well. PM is the best way to contact me in any case.
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    TH350/205 combo how much do you want for this?

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