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    My truvk is has a NP205. The speedometer has never worked. I know the speedometer itself is working.
    So I took off the speedometer box thing on the side of the 205 and found out it has NO intermediate shaft OR speedometer gear. Well, that explains why it doesn't work! So I found a 205 in the jyard and got a new box and intermediate shaft. Now I need to go to the dealer and buy a gear (that goes inside the tcase) to hook the intermdeiate shaft up to, right?
    Now, my problem is that the new box has a keyed input (that hooked up to the intermediate shaft which is keyed - fits fine.) Also the OUTPUT is keyed (where the speedometer cable attaches. The speedo cable I bought is NOT keyed so it just spins. Anyone know what I should ask for at the parts store so I get a keyed speedometer cable? I asked for a 75 chevy speedo cable for the 4-speed manual.
    Is it matters, the NP205 that I got the box off of is a Spicer style, so it's pre '77.
    Last question - isn't the end of the speedometer cable that attached to the speedometer a screw-on type connection? The cable they gave me looks really weird on that end and although I haven't pulled the cluster, I don't think it looks like the cable I pulled off.
    One more question - where is a speedometer gear calculator? I want to figure out how many teeth to get on the gear for my truck. I have 3.73's and 33's.
    Anything I'm missing? I wish I had a good picture to post with this but in my books it doesn't show it.
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    When i was out East working in the Rod Shop we generally called up this place. they can help you almost no matter what the speedo problem. Just have all your info ready and I'm sure there can help. I dunno if they have a website.

    United Speedo service (909) 684-0292

    1987 Chevy K5 Blazer- 350 TBI
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