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    Here's my idea for the day:

    Wouldn't it be cool to get a pair of medium-to small 12V lead-acid gel cells and mount them somewhere in the truck? Then use a buck-boost converter to charge them to 24V (they are in series) when the engine is running. Then use a 16V regulator out of these batteries and wire it so that the side and rear windows only draw power from this source. Then engine on or engine off, motors old or motors new, the windows would whip up and down with authority! /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

    Actually, you could add just one small battery and make it in series with the main battery. You just need to isolate your the ouput of the voltage booster from it's input so that the output - can be tied to main battery +. And it wouldn't have to be 12V. It could be 6 or 8. You can get almost any kind of sealed cell you can imagine. It would also be cool to make the regulated voltage adjustable so that you can tailor the window speed for convenience or safety. Then it would still be the same whether the engine was on or off.

    For the finishing touch, it should either keep the secondary battery charged whether the engine is on or off (still only window operation can drain the main battery, just like before). Or you could also put an automatic override so that if the second battery ran down it would revert back to "stock" operation.

    What do you think? I get ideas all the time, but doesn't mean that they're all good! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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