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    [​IMG] Indicatears[​IMG]

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    Now ears a good idea. Indicatears are great fun and a novel new gadget for cyclists, or anyone who wants to let other people know which way they want to turn.

    No more confusion then, just wear your Indicatears and they will light up either your right ear or your left ear to indicate that you want to turn right or left. Now isn't that clever!

    Indicatears also come with a belt or shirt clip attachment to clip to your belt or shirt (naturally). You then depress either or both activation buttons to turn on the lights, or so it says. Mind you, pressing both buttons would be a tad confusing. Another use could be to light them up on a very dark night in a churchyard, particularly on Halloween. Very eerie!

    The Indicatears are very novel and look hilarious, so now you can signal your intentions and avoid collisions while looking really cool. What will they think of next?

    Ideal for busy shopping areas and crowded streets, the Indicatears fit behind the ears and are then activated via a belt/shirt clip attachment to signal your intention to turn left or right. Ridiculous fun! Battery included.
    Signal your intentions and avoid clumsy collisions. Perfect for Stag or Hen Parties.

    - Belt/shirt clip attachment
    - Battery included (1 x CR2032 3v)

    User Instructions:
    - Pull the activation strip from your indicaters before use.
    - Clip battery pack to your belt or shirt pocket
    - Depress either or both activation buttons to turn the lights on.

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