Funnies of the Day - May 20, 2002

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    Stretching A Dime

    Rated PG-13

    A Ukrainian and a Jew were discussing how far each could make a
    dime reach, and agreed to try it and meet a few days later to see who'd
    get the most out of a dime.

    The Jew bought a cigar, and smoked one-third the first day and saved
    the ashes. He smoked one-third the second day and saved the ashes.
    He smoked one-third the third day and again saved the ashes, and on
    the fourth day he gave the ashes to his wife to use as fertilizer on her

    He told the Ukrainian, "I know you can't beat that for stretching a dime."

    The Ukrainian said, "I got you beat. I bought a Polish sausage for a
    dime, and the first day I ate one-half, and on the second day I ate the
    other one-half. The third day I used the skin for a condom, and the
    fourth day I took a [censored] in the skin and sewed it back up. The fifth day I
    took it back to the butcher and told him it smelled like [censored]. He agreed
    with me and gave me my dime back!"

    Image of the Day - May 20, 2002
    Beware Of Dog
    Rated G QUICKIES - Rated G

    A priest and a rabbi are walking down a street when they see a little kid
    up ahead.

    The priest says to the rabbi "Hey, want to screw that kid?"

    and the rabbi says, "Out of what?"

    Program File of the Day - May 20, 2002: Nude Sunbathing
    Rated R EXE 96KB
    See what happens when a blonde decides to do some nude sunbathing.

    A Exclusive.

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