Funnies of the Day - May 30, 2002

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    Does your ass look larger than you want it to?
    Then lose 30 lbs. ASAP for summer time:


    What is a Canadian?

    Rated G

    A Canadian is someone who drinks Brazilian coffee from an English
    teacup and munches a French pastry while sitting on their Danish
    furniture having just come home from an Italian movie in their German

    He/She picks up their Japanese pen and writes to their Member of
    Parliament to complain about the American take-over of the Canadian
    publishing business.


    Image of the Day - May 30, 2002
    Sexual Calorie Counter
    Rated R


    Let us Show You How to Purchase Any Drug You Need

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    Disorder there is no need to suffer anymore, and be berated by your
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    QUICKIES - Rated PG

    Q: Did you hear about Lisa Lopes'accident?
    A: Apparently, when they found her body, she was hanging out the
    passenger side of her best friend's ride!


    Program File of the Day - May 30, 2002: The Shy Guy
    Rated R EXE 97KB
    How to pick people up in a bar.
    A Exclusive.


    Do you want to hear what people are saying around you?
    Worried the boss is talking about you in the next office?
    Are your friends REALLY your friends?
    Find out how to get the answers you've been looking for!
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