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    Cattle Call

    Rated R

    When the cattle had been loaded into cars and shipped to Chicago for
    sale, each car was appointed an attendant to feed and water the cattle
    during the journey. This is the story of such a cowboy:

    Following the unloading of the cattle in Chicago, the cowboy headed to
    a restaurant for dinner. The only seat was next to a lady who looked
    wealthy and educated. He couldn't help overhearing her order. "I'll have a
    breast of fowl, virgin fowl, make sure it's a virgin, catch it yourself,
    garnish my plate with onions, a cup of coffee, not too hot, not too cold,
    and open the window, I smell a cow, there must be a cowboy in here."

    Thoroughly pissed off, the cowboy placed his order. "I'll have a duck, a
    [censored] duck, make sure it's [censored], [censored] it yourself, garnish my plate
    with horse [censored], a cup of coffee, strong as Texas mule piss, blow the
    foam off with a fart, and knock out the wall, I smell a ****, there must
    be a whore in the house."


    Image of the Day - May 13, 2002
    The Evolution of Authority
    Rated G


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    QUICKIES - Rated PG-13

    Q: Why did the gay criminal keep going back to prison?
    A: He loved it in the can.


    Program File of the Day - May 13, 2002: Like a Baby
    Rated R EXE 86KB
    See what it is like to be hung like a baby.
    A Exclusive.


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