Two different types of Throwout bearings?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by protechk5, Feb 28, 2007.

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    Ok Im doing my 465 swap and I think I got the wrong throw out bearing. Im using a flywheel,l clutch, and pressure plate off of a 6.5 and when I press the clutch in, the throw out bearing gets caught on the input shaft of the 465. Does anyone know which is the right throwout bearing?? I think I need a deeper one or something. Also is there only one type of clutch fork?? Cuz I heard there might be more than one. If you have the part numbers for either of them that would be great! Thanks

    I also posted in the diesel section but its kinda slow over there.
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    3 lengths..

    As far as I remember,GM used three different styles of throwout bearings in the older trucks..the shortest one was for a raised diaphram style pressure plate,the "medium" length one was used in the three finger style pressure plates,and the longest one was used on the "flat" diaphram style pressure plates,mostly on 6 cylinder trucks..

    I've put the "wrong" throwout bearing in a 2wd truck before,it wouldn't release the clutch enough to shift it into gear!..had used a "short" one,when I needed the "medium" length didn't get caught on the input shaft though,but that K5 had a saginaw 4 speed being 2wd,not a SM465...:crazy:

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