Tyre Plyers - anyone for a group buy discount?

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    If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize, please move appropriately...

    Ok, I got one tire broken down with my hi-lift. No fun there, almost got myself hurt in the bargain so I stopped. Checked around for "tire hammers and irons" and a good set of "long irons and hammer" were going to run $150 new. Obviously swap meets and home-made would be cheaper. I also was sniffing around for a product called tyre plyers that I saw some time ago. Well, I found a dealer and ordered a set. Looks like not a bad deal.

    Now, in talking to him, it seems they are the Ausi importers for the entire US and, as of yet, they have very few "stocking dealers" around the country. When I asked for group or volume discounts, he said 3 or more would net a 5% discount and 10 or more would net 10%. We didn't discuss higher numbers and he was in a hurry today. He was not interested in a "club" discount at this point. I'll be talking to him again tomorrow.

    Here are the base prices.

    $119.95 + shipping : Tyre Plyers with canvas bag
    $223.00 + shipping : "Deluxe kit"

    Deluxe kit includes 2 different configurations of nice "irons" for helping in mounting and un-mounting tires plus a really nice plug and patch kit with many different patches for radials, bias ply, tubes, etc. along with rasp and plug tool, valve stems and tools, all sorts of stuff.

    Here is the URL for the details.
    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.bc4x4.com/pr/2000/pliers/pliers2.jpg>http://www.bc4x4.com/pr/2000/pliers/pliers2.jpg</a>

    To get the biggest discount, we need to go through me so I can keep up with the numbers. However, you do not send me money, you would order through him using my name as a reference. I'm not sure how the details will work out since we need firm commitments in order to get the deal. In order to have more chance at 10 or more, I'm posting the same thing to Pirate.

    PM me if your interested.


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