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    Hey, what all is involved in switching the u-joints that come out of the t-case for the front drive shaft? i have a 203. the one connected to the shaft is about to blow.

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    Sep 28, 2001
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    Holy crap I just did them today.
    Do them at the same time once you get the shaft out ...
    1. pinch the retainer clips and remove
    2.use socket that is close to the same size as the cap and grab a bib hammer and punch that cap till the other side cap comes out about 3/8" then turn over and grab and pull the cap out with a pair of vise grips
    3.then turn over and punch that shaft till the other cap does the same thing pull the cap and the take joint out.
    4.pull carefully 2 caps on the oppisite side of each other (new joint) and put one cap in the vise to seat that cap in (just be carefull of the neadle bearings)with the joint in the spot that it should be (loosely)
    5.Then put the last cap in the hole and use the vise again to seat the other side
    6.then take that socket and pound it in till you can get the new clip in that hole.
    7. That is all not really hard just watch the needle bearings
    8.if the joint is "to tight" then take a pair of big pliers and set the pliers open on each end and tap with the hammer to losen the joint then reinstall and lube when back to gether...PM me for more info...mike

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