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    One of my friends just got out of the hospital today after returning from Haiti with an unknown type of bacterial infection and she described her trip to me. First of all this was a mission trip through the church and was her second time going to Haiti, it was only supposed to be couple weeks but she couldn't bring herself to leave the aids infected orphans that she primarily took care of along with homeless, drug addicted, pregnant prostitutes. So it ended up being four months and she is planning on going back after college.

    I am feeling like a wussy now as this hot little white girl just spent a quarter year in the worst most dangerous Haitian ghettos imaginable where she obviously stood out, and here I am scared of going to the dentist for wisdom tooth extraction :( .

    As to the title of this thread just like they do every where they go, she told me that all that the U.N. troops are doing is having sex with the Haitian women and playing on the beach all the while helping spread diseases and producing many more unwanted children.What really bothers me is that my tax dollars are funding this mess :mad: .

    Also as a result of the infection she might not be able to have children and this is very important to her so any prayers to Katie from Haiti are appreciated . Sorry to ramble , I am tired.

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