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    “I’m milking a cow”

    “Yeah that’s great kid” said RJ, watching Stun stab creamers with a fork. “You didn’t even order coffee”

    “Yeah well then they’re for your coffee”

    “I already have cream, I’m sitting in back of a partition, and that’s cookie stealing blame shift”

    “Huh?” Stun turned from his Macbeth pantomime and stared across the booth at the source of the odd statement.

    “You know, when you’re a kid, when you were chewing on those little plastic bouncy balls, stealing cookies. You get caught and say you were getting them for your mom or dad”

    “Oh” Stun said, going back to squeezing the creamers, indeed cow like, into his water glass.

    “You better drink that”

    “I will” he said, even as he was taking his first sip. “It’s delicious”

    “That’s gross” came in reply, from RXR, sitting in the booth opposite RJ, across from the two boys. Fright was sitting next to her, stacking silverware in a balanced pattern, stopping to say “I drink creamers all the time, creamer shots, you know?” She went back to the silent stacking of silver.

    Sitting beside Stun, Bones eyes lit up and he opened his mouth, “You often take shots of….”

    “Make the joke and I’ll shoot you in the face” interrupted RJ, looking over his sunglasses with his dead eye.

    Bones did not finish the joke; he idled into watching Stun drink all the creamers on the table.

    The waitress came down the aisle, stopping at the four person booth occupied by a sprawled out RJ and his big leather gear bag, opposite each other like old friends.

    “What will you have?” she said, fitting the perfect stereotypical waitress model. Blonde, too much lipstick, and the blue and white dress came straight out of the default mode of association

    There was that strange polite silence friends have in situations of order. Time drew out and the waitress had to hide signs of impatience.

    RJ led, as usual “Another pot of coffee, a pitcher of water, a rocks glass, a fifth of Wild Turkey, forty five chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce, a chicken salad sandwich, a glass of milk, a pecan pie….. and more creamers”

    Stun was whispering a few feet away “I love this part”

    The waitress, unaware, spoke out “This isn’t some stupid joke is it?” She shifted on her feet and looked put out.

    “No, that’s really what I want.” He preempted her question of payment by laying a cross of two one hundred dollar bank notes on the table.

    Her eyes lit up a bit “What do the rest of you want”

    Stun started out “A patty melt with four slices of cheese and an entire onion fried, an ice cream cone, three pieces of fried chicken and a glass of milk” He looked quite pleased, drumming his fingers on the table, obnoxiously upright, like a dog begging.

    Bones continued “Three grilled cheese sandwiches with garlic, a chili dog, pumpkin pie, and some cherry soda”

    The waitress, somehow quickly used to the strange crew, fired off rapid questions, rapidly responded to by Bones.

    “Foot long or normal?”

    “What my wang?”

    “No the chili dog”

    “Foot long on both counts”

    “Did you want the whole pie like the big man, or a slice?”

    “Two slices”

    “Whipped cream?”




    “We have no cherry soda. Can I get you something else?”

    RXR interrupted, “Awwww, no cherry fizz wiz”. RJ shot coffee out his nose.

    “Uhhhh milk then” finished Bones, watching RJ wipe his face off with his shirt. He saw RJ’s guns flash out, but the waitress, seeing also, didn’t seem to mind. RJ caught all of this “Told you this place was great”

    "Ok, for you miss?"

    RXR assumed hers was the miss and went about it. “Just get me a big plate of fries and some more coffee.”

    RJ turned to her. “Eat a sandwich too, gonna be a long night”


    “Get her, like, three chicken salad sandwiches, and some gummi bears.”

    RXR looked flustered and knocked over Frights spoon sculpture in disgust.

    Knocked out of her activity, Fright mumbled “I want….”

    The air hung heavy. Stun and Bones rolled their eyes.

    Suddenly, everyone at both tables spoke in unison with Fright. “Two corndogs, onion rings, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, a slice of apple pie, a glass of milk, and a chicken salad sandwich”

    “….which I am not going to eat but just ordered it because everyone else did” Finished RJ.

    “Sorry” Fright said.

    “‘S’ok kid” said RJ, now smoking and reading out of the big black book he always carried. “Hey, Stun, looks like you can take the stitches out”

    Stun blushed red and idly played with his water.

    Bones burst out “Stun has stitch nuts, Stun has stitch nuts”

    Stun fired back “Don’t say that! Why did you bring that up RJ”

    “Book told me to”

    “Nuh uh, you did that to be mean”

    “Don’t drink all my damn creamer next time”
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    Uhm, No bloodshed?
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    ... and then RJ shot the waitress in the face because she was evil.

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