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    Please makle this post sticky and locked so no one can respond to it since the other post is up. I will update this as often as necessary with any new information that becomes available.

    Details are as folows:

    August 9th at Paragon Adventure Park
    August 10th at Rausch Creek

    Regular admission prices apply at both venus. As well as normal rules and regulations. We will have an order form available to order event tshirts. We will also have a limited # of event stickers available and if we run out, we will take orders for those and order them following the event. We will be doing a 50/50 raffle both days.

    For those that don't know (or are new) the Keystone Krawlers is officially hosting this event. This is the 4x4 club that Wayne and I belong to. Wayne and I have just organized it. The reason behind it is to raise money for The United Cerebral Palsy of South Central PA. This organization was chosen because our son was born with CP and we wanted to help keep other families from going through some of the struggles that we have gone through over the last 9 years. If you come only 1 day or both days it's a great time. Last year we did this and we raised $1200. We would like to make if not break that amount this year. If you can't make it and want to make a donation, please contact Wayne at wakdjk@yahoo.com or myself at btsnpcs1990@yahoo.com for information.

    Now here's the sign up sheet....


    Camping arrangements will be listed by weeks end. Most likelly we will be camping at Red Ridge Friday and Saturday . I will get all that info posted with Phone Numbers and contact People. I will also list a few hotels that are local in case anyone is interested in those. I will get links to Paragon and RC for those that want to check out the area.
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