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    Here is a list of the people who sent in a check for the UFWDA (United Four Wheel Drive Association). If you sent in a check but do not see your name here please let me know. I took the addresses off of the checks (Aaron, I took your address from the envelope) so you can get a free newsletter from the UFWDA, send me a email to info@coloradok5.com if you would like it to go to another address. I will take the checks to the bank tomorrow and write a check for 122.00 to the UFWDA on Monday.

    Thank's alot guys, I'm sure the UFWDA can put it to good use.

    Nashu Lee Barnard
    Carl Fiocca
    Dan R Patrick
    Shawn Spickler
    Steve Fox
    Tim sprouse
    Jeff Peters
    Chuong Nguyen
    Kim Kreider
    Michael C. longley
    Aaron Green-mitchell
    Mark A. Shepard
    Frank J. Twardoch
    Joseph Marucci
    Douglas C. Wright

    This is your invitation for your CLUB to become a part of the only
    international four wheel drive association. Help United stamp out the
    number one silent killer of recreational four wheel drive access.
    The United Four Wheel Drive Associations, established in 1976,
    has member associations, clubs and individuals all over the United States,
    Canada and around the world.
    United's purpose is to promote and preserve the sport of four
    wheel drive. (Check out Access 2000 on this website). This is done by
    networking with its member associations, clubs, concerned members and
    friends of United. Information comes from United's Legislative Advocate.
    She also supplies our members with land use related legal advice as well,
    as she is a certified lawyer, specializing in environmental land
    management. (Learn more about United's law suit against the USDA
    Forest Service to save 347,000 miles of roads.) United's Director of
    Environmental Affairs helps to coordinate these efforts and organize
    These are some direct benefits to being a part of the United family.

    1.) Getting the word out about your club. Your club will be listed
    in United's Voice (if a independent member club) and on United's
    Web Site http://www.ufwda.org Plus, your club would be
    forwarded referrals from folks contacting United looking for a club
    in your area.
    2.) Concerned members can, upon request, receive bi-weekly
    land use and legislative reports from United's Legislative advocate
    via E-mail and on the spot alerts as major issues come up.
    3.) Your club can receive regular Environmental Affairs reports via
    snail mail, upon request.
    4.) Your club can use United's Logo on your letterheads and
    promotional material.
    5.) Your members can attend any United meeting, events, Annual
    Convention, Land Use Conference, Annual Family Trail Ride and
    BOD meetings.
    6.) Your club can submit articles and a list of events to United's
    Voice, the official newsletter of United.
    7.) Each member will receive United's Voice quarterly.
    8.) Each club member can receive a United decal.
    9.) Your club can use United's 4x4 Awareness program to show
    your members technic, safety and ethics. Plus, your club can use
    this program for a fund raiser and public relations.
    10.) Learn what other clubs and associations are doing through
    out the country and around the world.
    11.) United can hook your club up with a member regional/state
    association. These member associations can help you more with
    very localized (state and county) issues and help you find new
    places to wheel. Plus, give you a "voice" at United meetings.

    Those are just some of the most obvious benefits to being United.
    Please consider these benefits. It costs only $8.00 per member family,
    this year (2000) to join. Only those members wanting to be "United"
    need join, as long as the dues total at least $50.00. Renewels due on
    aniversary of membership.
    Simply send the official name of your club. A completed roster of
    paid members' names and addresses that are to be United. Name,
    address, phone number and e-mail address of the point of contact. List
    your URL, if you have one. List your Land Use Person, also, if you have
    one, and their name, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail

    5,000 Pounds of American Rolling Steel
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    Wow. You mean all the people on this forum have real names! Other than Steve & Shawn, I don't recognize a one of them.

    '79 Guy
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    ok...where was I when this happened?
    Where you want that check sent to?

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    Not really sure! We've only been discussing this topic off and on for the last 4 months.

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    Damn...I see why I need to get off the third [censored]...I mean shift....

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