Ugly front end noise (bent shackle related?)

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    After takin' the Blazer through some mud and rough trails (or atleast as rough as western PA gets), I now have a thud in the front passenger side whenever I hit bumps (especially at low speeds). It sounds like a seriously junk ball joint, but when I jacked it up everything in the front end was tight. The only thing out of the ordinary was the shackle (front-pass.) was bent out about 1/4 inch. I don't see any rubbing on the frame, but could this be the culprit? And should I make a point of it to repair it ASAP? I plan on getting the shackles from ORD - and by the way, the list of stuff that I "need" from ORD is now growing at an exponential rate thanks to all of you. Any ideas on what's making all the noise would be greatly appreciated.

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