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    I'll post the details later but all you need to know is this general phrase



    "Okayyyyyy.... where do you hail from and what is your mythos if any"

    "I have no mythos, I hail from the aether."

    "Oh, that's good... What is your intent?"

    "Under the general dreamcycle you have initiated, I have come to challenge you but am not of you"

    "Any remaining memory?"


    "Oh well, soul meets body I suppose"

    "Yes, it would seem"

    "Ok, demon, I accept, under the Seventh Heaven guidelines, in the Alterheim house"

    "Fine, accepted"

    RJ turned around slowly and knelt down to the four behind him, even as the lights flcikered and died.

    "You stay away from my lights, and if all else fails, salvation lies within"

    He let the heavy leather wrapped case slide from his shoulder and impact the gound quite rudely.

    "As you have chosen to follow me, this is your fate, watch and learn"

    "Boots..." Fright shyly asked..


    "Plumquat is a silly name"

    "Yes, but so is mine, in many minds"

    He patted her on the head, which she didn't take too well, asserting herself as steadfast.

    "Sorry kid, you're going to have to see the truly violent side of me now"

    He hummed a little tune as he unlimbered that one dark artifact from out of nowhere. Tonight, he though, was truly to be remembered.
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    I'm curious...

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