Uniden PC76XL Questions

Discussion in 'Communication (CB | GPS | HAM)' started by nad, Jan 22, 2007.

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    I just bought a Uniden PC76XL for a decent price for my Jimmy. But the person who sold it to me said it has a Connex board installed, and has been upped to 45 watts. Also says the Delt tune knob has been removed and has a double switch installed for echo and reverb.

    Now I am no radio expert, so I really don't know what most of this means. I figured someone on here like Pauly could let me know what this would be used for.

    Also, is this illegal to use without license? Against the FCC and what-not? Is it possible I can be tracked for using it to listen to truckers and talk to friends on the trail and on long trips? I would appreciate any help/advice/insight anyone can provide me. Thanks.
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    No you won't be tracked down , the FCC could care less about a few people on trails . They go after the guys who key up with illegal amplifiers and interupt their neighbors TV and phone . Or they go after the stores who repeatedly sell easy to modify radios to people with no call sign .

    The board installed really don't mean aything either . A few extra watts won't help unless you have a good antenna . Its more for bragging rights , and illegal anyway . We are still a little while off from this spectrum of radio space working well , you will not be talking very long distance no matter what radio you have at these frequencies .

    The echo and reverb are just dumb things , I don't know why people like those things , they sure as hell don't make you sound any better , or intelligible .

    Now in your case , just install it with a good antenna and enjoy :thumb:
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    x2. The Connex board is the echo board. Sounds like the radio might have a swing kit in it too, as well as being tuned up. Illegal? Yes. Gonna get in trouble with it? No, as long as you use it like a normal radio and don't tie up frequencies & such. I run a Galaxy 95t that has about 4 times more power than your Uniden without any problems.

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