Unidentified 12 bolt axle seal size

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    This weekend I attempted to replace a leaking 12 bolt axle seal. I researched the process on this forum and felt it would be no problem. Saturday, I pulled the cover, removed the center pin bolt, removed the center pin and then removed the axle. I went to Napa to get the new seal, and after standing at the counter for 45 minutes, I did not have a seal. They ended up ordering one for me, which ended up being the wrong size. Checker, Auto Zone, Pep Boys and the Dealer could not find the right part. The part number is very clearly stamped on the seal too. The dealer then told me that there is such a beast as an axle saver. It comes in a kit and includes a sleeve, new bearing and new seal. The philosophy behind it is that if your axle becomes pitted from wear at the bearing, you can install this sleeve and new bearings and seals to move the location that the bearing rides on the axle closer to the differential. So now I suppose I have two questions. 1: Has anyone come across this in the past and successfully replaced the seal? Apparently the seal is only sold in a kit with sleeve and bearing. 2: Is there anywhere else to find seals. They have even tried measuring the ID and OD of the seal and have been unable to crossreference the correct part.

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