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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Ok, other than some cognitive congruencey of supposed futurescape flawed utopia, and a fairly consistant cannon of characters and nere-do-wells, I have officially abandoned all pretense of forcing myself to make any rational sense.

    In the great lore of FLCL, the utter gratutity of Ichi, the mind spasm ejaculation of Dead Leaves, and finally at the saturation/trigger point FFVIIAC, I will continue a glorious tradition of not having to explain myself and have myself and my work be so much better for it.

    Hithero explained by our favorite non entity, (Resurrection) Joe "Hades" Boots:

    "Look, we're in a post apocolyptic wasteland without the causing apocolypse in a nation of mass cities and small outposts cleaned up with a general upturned chin look after a sad downfall. The roads are really wide, my motorcycle has more power than my firt car did, and the yellow lines go on forever. I have 100 years of memory and look 21 in a society that can't remember me because it doesn't want to. I have two sets of ribs, am fairly unbreakable, and sometimes I overheat like a dog in a locked car on a hot day and go bat****. I've had this shirt for 59 years and I've never washed it. I have one real eye and if I close my false one I have a whole other plane to experience. I might have had a beginning but I never will have an end.

    I see double. My girlfirend has one arm. I can walk out of anyones' perception and suddenly cease to be. I can walk back in and exist to the firt person who sees me. I can take you out of this world and I can bring you back in. I pull guns from nowhere. I still carry a sword. I pull cats out of my hat, dogs out of the earth, and I've been smoking at least a pack a day for 70 years without any ill effects. I have lost thousands of friends to time. I've managed to save quite a few.

    I am the closest thing you will ever see to a god in the waking world, yet I am only the greatest of mans' potential.

    I am am a walking funeral. I never know best.


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    Makes sense to me,,,

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